HR Specialist Brings High-Level Operational Expertise

Looking for an HR Specialist with high-level operational skills? This candidate brings a diverse background in various industries and roles, serving as both an HR and operations consultant. With expertise in talent acquisition, employee relations, compliance, product flow and working within highly regulated environments, they are an excellent resource for all things operations!


  • Drove talent acquisition, retention and development efforts, creating pertinent policies and procedures and enforcing unique requirements for government contracts.
  • Managed the full payroll process, maintained employee records and carried out assessments and progressive discipline policies while ensuring compliance with employment laws.
  • Managed operational support and asset protection, increasing product flow, developing KPIs and ensuring compliance with operational policies across 30 locations.

Key Competencies

  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Employee relations and payroll
  • Operations management
  • Legal compliance in regulated industries

Soft Skills

  • Leadership and collaboration
  • Cross-functional management
  • Process improvement

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