HR Professional and Catalyst for Change Creates Meaningful DEIB Outcomes

A capable administrator and reformer, this HR Professional is a catalyst for change; developing programs that create meaningful outcomes. With expertise in DEIB programs, employee wellness, records management and much more, they are a valuable addition to HR teams!


  • Leads organizational change, including DEIB efforts via open communication to overcome barriers
  • Develops and oversees employee orientation and onboarding program and supports recruiting efforts.
  • Improves quality of hiring decisions through coaching hiring managers and enacting equitable recruitment processes
  • Delivered HR resources and programs to over 200 employees in collaboration with various HR teams, including benefits administration and education and rewards and wellness programs

Key Competencies

  • Diversity programs
  • Employee relations and programs
  • Records management
  • ADP Workforce Now and ICIMS applicant tracking

Soft Skills

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Teamwork and collaboration

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