HR Powerhouse Manages Payroll, Benefits and Compensation

Looking for a Human Resources Professional to handle your payroll, benefits, and compensation? This candidate is passionate about all three, and years of experience in HR management make them a powerhouse in the field.


  • Processed payroll for two different companies on different schedules
  • Introduced new ancillary benefits based on research
  • Managed the preparation and distribution of information informing employees of benefits, and mediated between benefited providers and employees
  • Managed 401K, including an audit to correct errors from as much as 2 years prior, as well as FMLA, STD and PLOA
  • Created and implemented systems for onboarding and background checks, and managed recruiting and hiring

Key Competencies

  • Benefits, compensation, payroll, and claims administration
  • Hiring, onboarding, and terminations
  • Employee relations and mediation with benefits providers
  • Research and recommending best practices

Soft Skills

  • Communication and mediation
  • Attention to detail
  • Management skills

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