HR Manager 8/30/18: HR Pioneer who tamed the WILD WEST! Supported 350% FTE Growth in Three Years

This Advent HRSolutions candidate is a highly recommended HR manager! In her last role, the company grew from 100 to 450 employees in just three years and she was responsible for overseeing and implementing solutions for consequent new needs in recruitment, policy changes, training and performance management, HRIS, and much more.

Highlights include:

  • Recruiter for full-cycle recruitment process for multiple positions while maintaining all other HR duties. Created new vision for recruitment strategy and training. Partnered with hiring managers to update job descriptions and develop new roles on their teams to address departmental needs
  • Led procurement and implementation of company’s first HRIS/Payroll system, integrating multiple, additional service modules
  • During 350% growth period, developed company-wide manager training program, determining essential training topics for manager growth within the company

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