Experienced Talent Acquisition Manager with Engineering Edge

Introducing a talent management professional with over 15 years of experience orchestrating recruitment initiatives, spearheading diversity and inclusion programs, and optimizing operational efficiencies across industries.

With a Master’s of Science in Engineering Management, this candidate brings a unique gift for analysis and problem-solving that has been put to excellent use throughout their impressive HR career.


  • Managed recruitment for multiple enterprise functions, directly partnering with C-level executives.
  • Oversaw global recruitment leading to hundreds of hires annually across technology and corporate roles.
  • Led strategic recruitment teams of up to 10 members, including coordinators, sourcers, and recruiters.
  • Spearheaded disaster response operations, redeploying emergency vehicles and repositioning a communications satellite from the command center.
  • Developed college recruitment efforts, networking with large engineering schools to build a talent pipeline.

Key Competencies

  • Full-cycle recruitment: sourcing, vetting, negotiating offers to close top candidates.
  • Proficient in HRIS/ATS: Workday, UKG, Taleo, Oracle, ADP, Paycom, SuccessFactors
  • Effective leadership of recruitment teams and strategic partnerships with stakeholders globally.
  • Data-driven approach, capturing metrics to demonstrate results, trends, and opportunities.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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