Executive Assistant or Atlas? This Candidate’s Strength for Providing Support is Impressive

In this candidate’s last role, this Executive Assistant supported four directors, six supervisors, and 34 administrators. The ability to successfully provide that amount of support to that number of people is nothing short of impressive. May as well call this candidate Atlas! Plus, this Executive Assistant is great with employees and is described as a “calm force among chaos and change”. You need this EA in your life!
Want to know more?
  • Experience handling complex travel, working with travel agents and third parties through Concur.
  • Strengths in dependability and detail-orientation.
  • Assists “big-picture” leaders, providing behind-the scenes-support to manage details and logistics, create professional presentations, and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Reorganized filing system which resulted in immediate access and more efficient setup for board meetings.

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