Bilingual Equity Specialist & Cultural Liaison Enriches Workplace Culture

Meet our dynamic Equity Specialist and Cultural Liaison! With a passion for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within educational settings, this candidate brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for all employees.

Key Competencies

  • Spearheading DEI efforts, collaborating with departmental leaders to develop policies and training programs to fairness, respect, and equal opportunities, and enrich workplace culture.
  • Serves as a bridge between cultural groups, facilitating communication, understanding, and collaboration.
  • Organizes cultural events, provides support and resources for minority groups, and advocates for inclusivity and representation.


  • Promote Cultural Awareness
  • Professional Development
  • Bilingual (English/Hmong)

For more information about this candidate, please contact Kaylie Leib or complete our staffing request form: