Digital Media Strategist with Social Media, Video Production and Photography Skills

Social media strategy and execution come so naturally to this Digital Media Strategist that once you add them to your team you will be blown away by their energy! With a proven record of growth via digital marketing, their strategic prowess and media production skills make this candidate and end-to-end master of social media and digital content.


  • Drove brand presence for an office building via the company website and social media, including photography of available spaces, leading to 99% occupancy.
  • Increased website traffic by 75% for a resort by designing logos, creating social media strategies and developing content.
  • Planned and executed marketing strategies, producing all relevant media and managing all social media platforms.

Key Competencies

  • Social Media management, strategy and execution
  • Media Design
  • Building digital presence

Soft Skills

  • Leadership and coordination
  • Working in fast-paced environments
  • Creative problem solving

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