Digital Asset Manager Implements Systems for Enterprise-Level Organizations and Improves Content Workflows

An experienced candidate, this digital asset manager brings a background in creating and implementing DAM systems for enterprise-level, Fortune 500 companies as well as a slew of creative, technical and administrative skills!


  • Administered DAM systems across five Fortune 500 clients, including organizing and launching an enterprise DAM system with over 1 million assets and 20,000 users.
  • Implemented multiple content workflows, improving metadata and taxonomy creation across the organization to streamline processes.
  • Saved $720,00 year-over-year through implementing brand hub concepts across three DAM systems, dramatically reducing time spent in searches and user experience improvements.

Key Competencies

  • Digital asset management
  • Project and asset management
  • Enterprise system implementation

Technical Skills

  • Production and photo retouching
  • Taxonomy generation and keyword schema creation
  • Adobe Lightroom and InDesign

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