Customer Service Specialist and Administrator Has Leadership and Management Skills

With a strong background in customer service and management, this candidate brings a myriad of useful skills in fast-paced environments, from customer service and order filling to scheduling and payroll. Able to write SOP and training documents, troubleshoot order issues and handle hiring for customer service roles, they are sure to provide solid leadership for your service team!


  • Handled order completions and customer service, including entering orders, gathering and packing products, troubleshooting issues, and managing purchase agreements.
  • Wrote SOP and training documents for various procedures, collaborating with quality assurance teams for process approvals.
  • Conducted various administrative and leadership functions, including scheduling, hiring, training, payroll and managing communication with corporate offices.

Key Competencies

  • Management and administration
  • Customer Service
  • Process documentation

Soft Skills

  • Training and development
  • Communication
  • Organization and multitasking

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