Customer Service Representative Solves Complex Customer and Operations Issues

This creative and dynamic customer service representative not only handles high-volume call environments and resolves complex customer issues, but their background in operations and ERP systems make their problem-solving skills applicable to various areas of an organization. With impressive results in profit and loss reporting coupled with customer service experience in nonprofit, finance and retail contexts, their wide-ranging knowledge and skills make them a great fit for any operations team.


  • Worked in a high-volume call center environment, fielding over 50 calls daily and assisting callers through complex issues.
  • Managed customer order placing and data processing, working with customers to ensure the accuracy and completion of all documentation.
  • Worked with profit and loss teams, increasing reporting participation by 12% across 5,000 franchises and reducing discrepancies by 13%.

Key Competencies

  • Customer service
  • Operations and P&L
  • ERP systems
  • Technical skills include Microsoft Office and CRM systems

Soft Skills

  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Time management

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