Award-Winning Project Manager and Analyst Brings Enterprise-Level Experience and Serious Savings

A true force of nature, this global financial systems analyst and project manager spearheads financial operations and process improvement, analyzing data, working with cross functional teams and communicating with key stakeholders. Bringing deep skills and experience in project management and strategy in enterprise-level organization, their strong technical and leadership skills will guarantee fantastic results!


  • Built a global team to create new policies that resulted in 25% conversion and spearheaded the development of databases to support financial systems with a net worth of $1.17 billion.
  • Led cross-functional teams through data-driven initiatives, influencing key stakeholders and developing automation bots to retain $7.54 billion and reduce financial errors by 25%.
  • Led policy initiatives through multiple areas, including customer grievance and SaaS projects, leading to $3 million in savings and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Key Competencies

  • Project management
  • Cross-functional team management
  • Data analysis
  • Process improvement
  • Leadership and staff development

Technical Skills

  • R and Python
  • SAP and SalesForce
  • Artificial inteligence
  • Functional testing

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