Award-Winning Broadcast Manager Handles All Content Creation Needs

This experienced Broadcast Manager has produced award-winning content ranging from TV ads to radio and print! Coupled with business affairs expertise and account management experience in an agency setting, they are a strong addition to any creative team!


  • At a creative agency, managed all production aspects of a brand campaign, including photography, video, radio and TV ads, and creation of original music.
  • Facilitated collaboration among different agency departments through project management, supervising broadcast affairs and ensuring great results for clients.
  • Managed the production of radio campaigns from conception to execution, including obtaining final approvals from clients and commercial clearance from outlets, as well as client relations.
  • Developed TV and radio airing instructions and managed the dissemination of print materials to various media outlets, ensuring on-time deliveries of multi-media ads.

Key Competencies

  • Broadcast management
  • Content production, including radio, TV and print
  • Multi-media advertising
  • Business affairs

Technical skills include: Basecamp, FileMaker Pro, InMotion, Marketing Central, Smartsheet, WorkFront and WorkZone

Soft Skills

  • Leadership and diplomacy
  • Team-building
  • Problem-solving

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