Award-wining Director of Marketing and Business Development Drives Growth on a Global Scale

Impact and detail-oriented, this Marketing and Business Development Director is a master of B2B and B2C strategies, including award-winning creative work, global marketing, public relations and sales strategies that have yielded outstanding results!


  • Led a company rebrand and implemented integrated sales and marketing strategies, tripling the organization’s size from 30 to 100 employees within two years.
  • Acted as chief marketing and PR officer for a product portfolio, ensuring regulatory compliance, directly handling PR issues, and spearheading multi-channel marketing strategy development on a global scale.
  • Restructured the sales quota system and developed client relationships through sales and marketing channels, bringing in over $4 million in new business and increasing sales volume from $2.5 million to $4.5 million in 8 months.

Key Competencies

  • Global integrated marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy and business development
  • Brand marketing and public relations
  • UX/UI Solutions

Soft Skills

  • Executive leadership
  • Training and development
  • Project management

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