Silos, Meet Your Match. This Administrative Professional Improves Communication and Workflows Across the Board

With experience in various internal processes, this candidate is a born problem-solver and critical thinker. Excellent in internal and external-facing roles, including account management, this versatile business administration professional brings proven coordination and workflow skills that are sure to benefit your office team!


  • Managed the flow of information between various departments, mitigating issues by ensuring timely communication.
  • Gathered information on client expectations and ensured accurate communication to internal teams and addressing concerns.
  • Processed large numbers of documents, including scanning, filing and data entry, ensuring accurate records were kept and on-task.

Key Competencies

  • Account Management
  • Cross-functional communication
  • Administrative assistance such as payroll, workers comp and underwriting

Soft Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Organization
  • Multitasking

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