Logistics and Administrative Coordinator is a Master of Scheduling and Team Supervision

This Logistics and Administrative Coordinator not only can handle vast quantities of scheduling and logistics, but also has expert-level customer service and administrative skills. With experience handling invoicing, data entry and organizing teams, their leadership skills and industry know-how make them a powerful addition in any administrative capacity!


  • Managed high-volume scheduling both internal and external, maintaining excellent customer service standards and implementing new software.
  • Managed invoicing, including ensuring accuracy and resolving billing errors, communicating with other departments and managing data entry.
  • Improved efficiency core business processes through coordinating logistics.

Key Competencies

  • High-volume schedule coordinating and logistics
  • Invoicing and invoice software
  • Customer Service
  • Cross-functional collaboration

Soft Skills

  • Organization
  • Team management and leadership
  • Fast-paced problem solving

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