Account Manager With Proven Track Record of Bringing in New Business

This accomplished Account Manager has a proven track record of bringing in new business and successfully managing top clients. This candidate is an excellent communicator and relationship builder with experience working with internal and external teams to achieve their clients’ goals. They are highly knowledgeable and adept at communicating various product capabilities to clients.
This candidate is a savvy problem-solver capable of quickly analyzing information and making appropriate, strategic decisions. They have managed the client process from initial inquiry to order placement. They are a flexible and organized team player experienced in working in fast-paced environments where multitasking is essential.
Results: In a previous role, they stepped into a new Account Manager position and helped shape the role into what it is today by reporting results, details of day-to-day, and customer feedback to CRO. They then went on to assist in training new Account Managers.
Key Competencies: Microsoft Office and 365, Salesforce, project management, process and system training, relationship building, customer and client service, and
Soft Skills: Problem-solving, adaptable, team player, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and highly organized.


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