So you’ve been double dog dared, huh?

Well, before we get started, here are the rules. Play nice, now….

  • Send us your contract or contract-to-hire staffing challenges in the areas of Office & Accounting support, Marketing & Creative, or HR & Recruiting. Examples include administrative support, accounting support, content and writing, design, project management, marketing leadership HR, recruiting, and much more. We’ll let you know right away if we are unable to assist with your opening. 
  • Clients should agree to keep things moving forward by following up to all candidate submissions w/in 24 hours, by scheduling any/all interviews quickly, and by making decisions in a timely manner (to support a great a hire in the 2-week timeframe).
  • If Advent Talent Group fails to fill your staffing request in 10 business days or less, we’ll give you a $250 credit for the staffing request once it’s filled, or for any new staffing request placed within the year. Sorry, the credit can’t be used on existing or previous staffing requests.

Sound good? Game on.