Wonderful! Thanks. You/Advent have managed to fill 4 of our 5 available positions! I am impressed and appreciative–thank you.


HR Manager

I would like to say that working with Advent was different from working with other Staffing Agencies. There is a “personalized” feel that makes the experience effortless. I believe that Kim and Michelle cared about putting the right person into the position we had open.  That means everything! There is a reason they are called a Talent Agency! 

I had personally tried to fill the position myself for months and with Advent’s help, we had the right person employed in a matter of weeks! I will use their service again when we need to hire!


Customer Service & Claims Manager

It was nice to meet you this morning and learn about how your company can help us. I wanted to use your company again with this upcoming project because it was great working with Michelle. Most of our best employees came from Michelle’s recommendations. 

We appreciate your finding and bringing us quality temporary employees and look forward to working with you and Michelle again. 

Thank you.

Manager, Portfolio Sales

I’m so grateful for Advent. Michelle is a remarkable partner. Turnover is always challenging but the bright spot in it every time is the chance to work with Michelle! Thank you for the great service all of you deliver.

Director of Operations

Regarding your candidate, excellent rating on attitude, productivity, punctuality, knowledge/skills, flexibility, professionalism. We would request her back, and you provided fast & excellent service. You are ALL fantastic!

Special Projects Manager

Just a quick note to say thank you for the opportunity to work for Advent Talent Group. Your hard work, dedication, and concern for your employees is evident and much appreciated. The best way I know how to say thank you is to do a good job and represent this company well. And that is what I plan to do.

Brian K.

Advent Talent Group employees are consistently excellent at their job. You guys have been the most positive, professional, the easiest to contact, and the best communicators, that I have worked with. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me so far.

Mary M.

Thanks again and I appreciate the opportunity you provided for me. It allowed me to find some equilibrium at a time of deep need in my life. This helped much more than you can ever imagine and I’m most grateful to have dealt with you throughout the tough times.

Meredith H.

This is to thank you so much for the time you have taken to find the right “fit” for me in my new career path. Today’s assignment was so enjoyable I look forward to the new assignment tomorrow. In the small amount of time I have spent with you, I know that I have made the right choice in working for Advent Talent Group.

Alisha W.

I want to thank you and the entire Advent Talent Group staff for giving me the opportunity to work for your agency. The assignments I received were always outstanding. I appreciated being allowed to represent your agency at various assignments.

Brenda H.