Lots of dedicated individuals who work hard to find a spot for you! I never felt like a number or statistic, and they are always helpful and supportive

Katie H.

I had a great experience working with Advent. Wonderful staff and very easy to communicate with. I now have a rewarding full-time position.I now have a rewarding full-time position.

Kyle W.

Real professionals who look for the right job for you. Special shout out to my recruiter Callie and Nikolina. I was only with the company for a short time as their placement led to a full-time role. Thanks for all the support and for the perfect job placement!

Chelsea M.

I had a fantastic experience working with the Advent team, especially Kristie, as she was very helpful and informative. I would recommend this company for anyone looking for a personalized staffing experience!

Kathi T.

Good Morning Todd,

It was nice meeting you as well. You were very helpful yesterday, I think you guys have the best and most organized staffing agency we have been in.

Haley M.

Dear Advent,

Thank you so much for helping me through the process of finding employment. What was a long and frustrating process prior to meeting you, became a quick and rewarding experience once I walked through your door. I want to thank Callie especially for guiding me through the process and preparing me for the interview. While I was confident in my own skill set it was nice to have a guide in answering interview questions. In my case, looking for work and that process is a something that takes 100% of any courage I can muster. It was a tremendous relief to have Callie help me. I would recommend Callie to help anyone who was looking for work whether they think they need a guide or not.

I must say that I used other employment services prior to being contacted by Advent. I was told to change my resume to receptionist in one case and ignored by in large by the rest of them. I wish that after graduation I had come to Advent straight away.

Mathew B.

They got here at noon and worked non-stop until 8 PM. Wow! They were great. Really nice men and great workers. I am very impressed, would use them again and would recommend them to anyone. I laid out the scope of work and we worked together the entire time. I did not have to explain things 2-3 times. I was called away 2-3 times and told them to take a break, however when I came back, it was obvious that they did not take the break. They worked straight through.



The partnership with Advent Group has been great so far. They have supported our operations with great understanding of our processes and requirements. I will continue to reach out to Advent reps because I can rely on their skills to match candidates to the position which consequently saves time and training costs for our company. Thank you Advent Group!


Manager, Mortgage & Banking

Your team has been great to work with. So far, so good with Advent’s candidate. He fits in with our culture, which is very important to us. The two candidates you presented us with were much better than any of the half dozen or so we interviewed based on our own recruiting efforts.


Business Development Manager

Thank you for your coming to meet with us, for preparing a great presentation with great information, for answering questions, giving tips and insights, and for the supporting our recruiting efforts. We have enjoyed our partnership.


HR Manager