I just had the staffing meeting with the employee you placed with us, which went really well. She was so thorough and seems very engaged in her new role. I am so excited to be working with her more!! If she asks, she did a great job on the call!!


HR Assistant

All of your co-workers are a blast and I can honestly say that Advent is my favorite staffing agency. We’ve had good and bad reps from every agency we work with, but what makes Advent stand out is how much all of you enjoy your jobs and the passion your team possesses.


Inbound Sales Manager

We love everyone from Advent Talent Group so much and it was great to meet other groups you work with as well. You certainly have a very special connection with your staff, and I am so proud to be able to say I work with you.


HR & Benefits Manager

You have a very resilient team! And each one of them is unique in their own way, interesting, and very IMPRESSIVE.


IT Support Manager

It is very clear that Advent Talent Group is committed to finding the best solution for its people as well as its clients, and the depth of individualized analysis with which you evaluated our needs was impressive. I have not seen that with other staffing agencies.


Operations Director

Our organization has received nothing but outstanding customer service and access to an extensive pool of highly qualified individuals. I have contacted Advent Talent Group at the end of the day saying I need someone for the next day and they always produce.

While I know they are very busy they make me feel like I’m the only client and my needs are number one. I can’t say enough about Advent Talent Group and the services they provide.


Vice President of HR & OD

I shared with you previously, that we have had some really awful experiences with other agencies. What a difference working with Advent Talent Group! You have consistently sent us excellent, high quality people and I would not hesitate to use your service again.


Recruiting Manager

It was great meeting with everyone, and I’m so impressed with Advent Talent Group. I’ve worked with other services in the past, and you are blowing them out of the water.


Mortgage & Banking Manager

I am very impressed, would use you again and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you very much for the last minute bailout. We will definitely call again!


Accounting Manager

Your candidate has been wonderful! We couldn’t have a more suitable candidate for the role.


HR Manager