Great seeing you last week!  Thanks for lunch and catch up talk.  I always feel so inspired after our lunches.  You have a way of making people feel valued!!

Phoumaha, Director of Project Management

I want to tell you that you have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Your fun personality and sense of urgency made the whole process fun and painless.

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I really appreciate the summaries that you send with your applicants, it’s very helpful to me to hear your insights into these candidates. I also appreciate your following up emails with a list of feedback I owe you. Thank you so much!

Senior Manager, Digital Production

I love Katy. Always have. Happy to throw you guys some new biz.

Recruiting Manager

I really appreciate your guidance. I think it’s clear we have a good partner in you and Advent.

Senior Director, Agency Operations

I can’t say enough about the level of talent that you brought to the table with your candidates. Thank you!

Creative Services Manager

Just a note, your candidate is doing amazing, we are finally making some progress and I think it has a lot to do with her amazing attitude, roll-up your sleeves and dig in approach—I’m really happy she joined us here—Thank you both! Lucky to get to work with you.

Creative Manager

What a great partnership we have with Advent! You have sent fabulous talent that for very challenging roles. You’ve never disappointed us and we have no reason to seek other help. We’ll be sharing more positions soon!


I wouldn’t call anyone but you for candidates!

IT Recruiter

Your candidate has been wonderful! We couldn’t have a more suitable candidate for the role.

Director of Digital Marketing