I look forward to working the following week #2. I love the work and the crew is great. I’m glad I can be a helping hand. I thank you for allowing me to grow and learn the trade.


Thank you so much, Mary! Your help was instrumental. I appreciate everything that you, Stephanie, and Victoria have done for me. I am very excited about the opportunity! I will be sure to stay in touch.


Again, I just want to thank you for your hard work and support during this transition. It’s been awhile since I’ve had someone who cared enough about finding me a job (whereas I had failed in the past). I know that compliments aren’t always given when they are deserved but you surely deserve a ton of them! I truly appreciate you helping me with this. So kudos goes out to you!


Major thank you to Advent Talent Group in Edina. I went to the offices today and the positive energy was beautiful. Huge huge huge kudos to Michelle for quick turnaround. You are professional, funny and great at what you do. You’re my new best friend!


Thanks for meeting with me last week, and helping me get started with Advent. You’re a pleasure to work with!


I don’t have all the members email in Advent Talent, but I just wanted to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to you ALL for helping me getting into this position and moving on forward with (Client Name) as an official employee! It was a joy working with you guys for a few months. You guys are fantastic agency to be with!


I met with Kim Tsoukalas today, she is a nice lady too. There are so many nice people that work at Advent like Michelle O’Kelley. I feel like this is a very good company to work for feeling very blessed.


I have worked as a freelance events planner and entertainment producer for more than 20 years and have regularly accepted short-term assignments through placement agencies. I recently moved to Minneapolis and was very fortunate to meet a recruiter from the Advent Talent Group.

I am currently working on my first assignment and it has been a wonderful experience interacting with their recruiters, project managers and support staff. They are always professional and personable, they have great internal systems for bringing a new prospect on board, and they have a really strong, long-time relationship with the client I am working with. Definitely a win-win-win!!!

Shane S.

I had such an amazing experience working with Callie and Michelle! Within two weeks, they were able to find me a direct hire position that was a perfect fit! They listened to what I was looking for in an employer, and were persistent with setting me up on interviews until we found the one. Thankfully, I can now say I am employed. I would absolutely recommend Advent Talent Group, and particularly those two lovely ladies, to anyone looking for a new career!

Wow!!! You guys are awesome!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia R.

I would like to say thank you again for working with me and giving me that opportunity to succeed in life! You always made sure I was taken care of and happy doing what I’m doing. As it is my last day with the agency, I also want to extend my gratitude to all the staff because they’ve been very helpful and always with a smile.

From Victoria with the interview process and Emily offering additional assistance. Months prior to applying at the agency, I was putting resumes out on the market and had a tough time landing a good position somewhere. The job that I have today wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind on my own, but Advent Talent Group offered me a position that I have excelled in. Not only did I get hired on as a permanent team member, but I got a promotion! Thanks for making this a great experience!

Thomas G.