Katy is an exceptional representative for Advent Creative Group, and for me. She doesn’t do the typical get-you-a-job-and-forget-about-you thing. The couple of times I have had a question, she has got back to me quickly. On occasion she will send me an email, asking how things are going with the job. She has visited me at work a couple times to check in with me, making sure all was well.

One week I worked a lot of overtime, and the next week Katy emailed me to be sure that that had been okay with me (which it had been). She is like a breath of fresh air in this industry. I know she is there for me, and her caring is genuine. Katy is a great asset to Advent Creative Group, and she is someone I am very fortunate to have working with me.

David, Copy Editor/Proofreader
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