Thanks for meeting with me last week, and helping me get started with Advent. You’re a pleasure to work with!


I don’t have all the members email in Advent Talent, but I just wanted to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to you ALL for helping me getting into this position and moving on forward with (Client Name) as an official employee! It was a joy working with you guys for a few months. You guys are fantastic agency to be with!


I met with Kim Tsoukalas today, she is a nice lady too. There are so many nice people that work at Advent like Michelle O’Kelley. I feel like this is a very good company to work for feeling very blessed.


I have worked as a freelance events planner and entertainment producer for more than 20 years and have regularly accepted short-term assignments through placement agencies. I recently moved to Minneapolis and was very fortunate to meet a recruiter from the Advent Talent Group.

I am currently working on my first assignment and it has been a wonderful experience interacting with their recruiters, project managers and support staff. They are always professional and personable, they have great internal systems for bringing a new prospect on board, and they have a really strong, long-time relationship with the client I am working with. Definitely a win-win-win!!!

Shane S.

I had such an amazing experience working with Callie and Michelle! Within two weeks, they were able to find me a direct hire position that was a perfect fit! They listened to what I was looking for in an employer, and were persistent with setting me up on interviews until we found the one. Thankfully, I can now say I am employed. I would absolutely recommend Advent Talent Group, and particularly those two lovely ladies, to anyone looking for a new career!

Wow!!! You guys are awesome!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Julia R.

I would like to say thank you again for working with me and giving me that opportunity to succeed in life! You always made sure I was taken care of and happy doing what I’m doing. As it is my last day with the agency, I also want to extend my gratitude to all the staff because they’ve been very helpful and always with a smile.

From Victoria with the interview process and Emily offering additional assistance. Months prior to applying at the agency, I was putting resumes out on the market and had a tough time landing a good position somewhere. The job that I have today wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind on my own, but Advent Talent Group offered me a position that I have excelled in. Not only did I get hired on as a permanent team member, but I got a promotion! Thanks for making this a great experience!

Thomas G.

I really appreciate the help that you and the rest of Advent have provided, both in connecting me and also checking in/giving advice. I feel that I’m in good hands, and that’s an encouraging thing to feel in a daunting employment market.


I appreciate having Advent Group as back up these past several months.  You have an impressive company, Mary.

Beth K.

Thank you, Sue, you have been a real blessing!

Sarah Y.

Dear Super Team-

I wanted to Thank everyone for the fun, learning experience you’ve given me in my short time here at Advent.  I appreciate how amazing you guys have been – your patient, understanding, trusting, kind, friendly and hard working.  I’m grateful for my time here and want to emphasize how great it’s been to be a part of a team.  I’m a firm believer that things don’t just happen by coincidence. 

One of the things I’ve tried to look for in every job is the opportunity to make a real impact in someone’s life and to have as a purpose, driving the work I do.  It’s no coincidence that I got to help you guys make a lasting input on people’s lives.  You guys are changing people’s lives in a positive way every single day, and I’ve felt like your attitude to do good and make a positive impact is infectious.  I wish you guys success and all the best.