Video, Paid Media, Content, Social, Email, SEO…Just Try to Find Something This Digital Marketing Specialist Can’t Do

This self-motivated and growth-oriented Marketing Specialist has experience in website development, copywriting and content creation, graphic design, social media, sales collateral, digital ad strategy, SEO and analytics, brand messaging, and sales/marketing alignment. They have a major “get-it” factor. As a proven producer, this candidate absorbs new information well and easily assimilates to new environments.

This one-person digital force dives into their work and takes true ownership of end to end digital marketing. This featured talent is inquisitive and curious by nature and enjoys learning new tools, products, and services. They are detailed and thorough with excellent time-management skills. This candidate is well-organized with fantastic time management, juggling heavy workloads with ease.
In their last role, this candidate was nicknamed, “the accountant” because of their knack for organizing, streamlining processes, corralling chaos, and creating consistency. This candidate gets results and is known for their ability to tackle challenges head-on; creating a plan of attack and making. it. happen.
Results: Used Google Ad campaigns to increase revenue by 200% in one year and another 56% the next year. Increased website visitation by 533%
Key Competencies: Microsoft Office, Photoshop CC 2016, customer service, digital marketing campaigns, SEO, social media management & marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +), video editing with Adobe Premiere, and Google Ads.
Soft Skills: Time management, strong communication skills, ability to juggle multiple projects at once, go-getter, strong work ethic, and excellent collaboration skills.