This HR Generalist with the Midas Touch Turns HR Initiatives to Gold

If you want your business to run smoothly, hire this HR Generalist with the Midas Touch! This candidate has experience in a vast range of HR processes both as an HR Manager and an HR Generalist. They consistently achieve fantastic results in events, streamlining processes, and working with legal compliance with a variety of agencies. With a range of technical competencies and key soft skills, this candidate provides a strategic approach that turns any HR initiative they touch into gold.


  • Achieved a more cohesive and efficient onboarding experience by streamlining presentations and testing different strategies.
  • Implemented JJ Keller to free time for HR personnel to work, resulting in empowered employees.
  • Created monthly events, an increase from the previous 2-per-year approach, leading to increased event participation and satisfaction for employees.

Key competencies

All things HR—especially recruiting, onboarding, and legal compliance—as well as event planning, employee relations, and retention, performance reviews, and compensation. This candidate has worked with OSHA, COBRA, HIPPA and FLSA regulations, and many more!

Technical skills include, but are not limited to, HRIS software, applicant tracking software, such as Success Factors, Taleo, and OpenHire, as well as performance and personality assessments and compensation data software.

Soft Skills

Self-motivated and self-directed, this candidate is a creative thinker, who is detail-oriented and has exceptional organizational and communication skills. They are highly skilled in finding ways to improve procedural inefficiencies within a HR department through being detail-oriented and strategic.

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