Performance-Driven Purchasing Assistant Drives Efficiency and Ensures Quality

This hard-woking purchasing assistant effortlessly blends research, analysis, and critical thinking skills with a talent for creativity and problem-solving. This candidate excels in purchasing, research, inventory, vendor and store management, and quality assurance in specialty retail environments. They are performance-driven with many years of success balancing efficiency with quality.


  • Expert user in MS Excel, scoring 91% on the advanced assessment
  • Leadership experience includes hiring and training new employees and overseeing teams of merchandising specialists.
  • Managed the purchasing, inventory and QA for 19 franchise stores

Key competencies

Purchasing, research, inventory, vendor and store management, and quality assurance. Sales merchandising, Financial reporting, project management, promotional event management.

Technical skills include MS Excel, Kronos, E-planning, Teleo, MS Word, Concur, CRM.

Soft Skills

This candidate is a go-getter and a lifelong learner; in addition to her robust experience in purchasing and retail, she dabbles as a professional chef and is an expert in horticultural science.

Self-motivated and self-directed, detail-oriented, creative. Exceptional analysis and critical thinking skills. Leadership experience, strong people skills. Organized and efficient.

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