No Need for Fairy Dust, This Marketing Strategist Makes ROI Soar

If you are searching for a marketing professional with magical skills across a vast array of marketing strategies and tactics, this is the candidate for you! With experience ranging from PR and paid media to product development, social media, and email marketing, there’s no need for fairy dust to see your marketing returns soar to new heights.


  • Created and implemented annual marketing strategies, including in-store marketing, events, social media, public and media relations, paid advertising, and email marketing
  • Managed the creative process in collaboration with artists and designers, meeting client goals within budgets customized to their organization’s needs and goals
  • Chaired a marketing committee, communicating marketing efforts to all staff and directing and approving content for promotional activities

Key Competencies

  • Public and media relations, including advertising and sponsorship
  • Campaign development and implementation, including strategy, design, content development and event planning
  • Brand acquisition and management, including overseeing artists and designers
  • Social media and email marketing

Technical skills include: HubSpot, Google Analytics, and productivity tools

Soft Skills

  • Leadership and management, including creative and marketing teams
  • Interpersonal skills and communication
  • Organization and attention to detail

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