Got Problems? This Conscientious and Resourceful Administrative Assistant is the Solution

This Administrative Assistant is THE go-to person whenever there’s a problem no one else can seem to solve. They’ve handled everything from training and developing new employees, to managing accounts receivable. This talented professional whips office operations into shape quickly with an exceptional talent for process improvement.

In their previous role, they organized countless successful events, seminars, and webinars. Additionally, this candidate was an integral contributor in creating marketing campaigns and an informational monthly newsletter for the company. In true jack-of-all-trades style, they take on new projects with gusto.

Results: Created a step-by-step process checklist for auditing new business forms. Proved to be such an efficient solution that it was added to the training manual for new admins and was used as a cover sheet to be completed with every new business application.

Key Competencies: Project management, administrative oversight, client/vendor relations, adobe acrobat, scheduling, and customer service.

Soft Skills: Highly flexible, willing to take on any new project, excellent communication skills, able to work independently and collaborate, and relationship builder.


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