Experienced Receptionist Easily Establishes Rapport with Customers

This experienced Receptionist easily establishes rapport with customers and is comfortable wearing many hats. They have experience covering multiple phone lines, assisting visitors with information/direction, email communications, maintaining a presentable and organized space, and utilizing a variety of software. This candidate learns new technology quickly and expertly manages scheduling and calendaring.
In their previous role, they contacted clients regarding follow-up patient care, outstanding payments, and scheduling appointments. Additionally, they kept the company database up-to-date with new client information and maintained patient records. This candidate is hard-working, reliable, with excellent phone and digital communication skills.
Results: Independently managed 6 phone lines and maintained correspondence with 1,000+ tenants, ensuring they were connected with the correct individuals.
Key Competencies: Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365, Google Applications, Zoom, front desk management, phone trees, and CRM’s.
Soft Skills: Excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, cool under pressure, problem solving, willingness to take on additional work.