Dedicated Senior Executive Assistant with Outstanding Budgeting and Communication Skills

This highly dedicated Senior Executive Assistant offers 20 years of expertise in customer service, operations, and personnel management. They are an organized and perceptive leader with the ability to identify and develop programs, processes, and administrative strategies that are crucial for success. They successfully managed budgets of more than $250k and oversaw the establishment of three satellite offices.
This candidate is a clear and direct communicator who facilitates goals and objectives at all levels to build motivated teams. They created a personnel supervision strategy to help reception staff, interns, and staff assistants effectively process calls, casework, and correspondence. They are an effective communicator and respond dynamically to ever-changing situations.
Results:  Instituted improved correspondence process which resulted in Senator’s personal written contact with constituents exceeding 1500 letters per year.
Key Competencies: Advanced Google and MS Outlook calendaring, SharePoint, Salesforce, report development and analysis, schedule management, employee training and development.
Soft Skills: Excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, cool under pressure, and problem-solving.


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