Global Software Organization Launches Major Company Rebrand with Help of Advent Creative Contractors

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The Client

Global software client with more than $800 million in annual revenue and 2500+ employees in 50 worldwide locations.

This organization provides secure software and hardware products and solutions for financial and other sensitive transactions across the globe. The nature of their highly sensitive and regulated products requires a unique level of service from their external partners and vendors.  

The Challenge

Quickly augment the core team across multiple departments with highly specialized contractors to support the rebrand. 

The project launch for the company rebrand was a few months out. They were under a tight deadline for this critical initiative with significant reach and impact and building the right team was paramount to the success of the rebrand.  

Why Advent?

Other recruiting resources were slow to respond or coming up empty

Hiring managers had reached out to two other recruiting agencies but the response was slow and candidates submitted for consideration did not have the skills or experience required. The HR director, a long-term partner of Advent, suggested contacting Advent Creative based on its marketing and creative specialization and reputation for responsiveness and service excellence. 

The Solution

Provide a cross-functional team of contractors in 3 weeks flat!

With fast-approaching deadlines, the interview, and selection process needed to happen quickly. Advent spoke with the hiring managers to learn more about the scope, timing, and goals of the initiative, the team dynamics and reporting relationships, and the experience and qualifications required for the contractors. Our team immediately got to work reaching out to and pre-screening multiple candidates in our network, then quickly delivered highly qualified candidates for UX/UI, Social Media Management, Production Design, and Copy-Editing roles. 

Advent scheduled interviews between key stakeholders and candidates within one week and offers were quickly accepted. Hiring managers were thrilled with how well the contractors matched the unique needs of the project and as a result, asked Advent to assist with a Senior UX/UI role that another agency had been unable to fill. A candidate was presented, interviewed, and hired within the week for that role as well. 

The Results

As a result of the quick turnaround and exceptional candidates, our client was able to launch on time and successfully execute a major company rebrand. And, there was an unforeseen benefit to utilizing a contractor hiring strategy.

Unexpectedly, much of the rebrand work needed to progress during the global pandemic. Utilizing contractors enabled the work to continue because the organization could control spending and leverage the flexible hiring strategy well beyond the initial scope of the rebrand project. The organization added contract support in response to internal workloads and teams shifting and they extended full-time offers when timing and budget lined up. 

Advent’s partnership and support continue to add significant value to the organization’s hiring goals – extending to executive search solutions. Since fulfilling the initial request, Advent has filled 13 additional roles, including executive-level placements and contract roles in field marketing, integrated marketing, project management, marketing product management, and creative.  


“This has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. Thank you for being so responsive and for delivering such awesome talent!”
–Director of Creative Services 

Explore what Advent can do for your team.  

Advent Creative consistently cuts hiring time by more than 50% for our clients and maintains a 95% or higher retention rate on both direct and contract placements. 

Some of Advent’s most recent placements include:  

  • Analyst Relations Manager  
  • Marketing Operations Specialist    
  • Field Marketing Manager     
  • Vice President, Digital Marketing    
  • Director, Field Marketing     
  • VP Integrated Marketing    
  • Creative Project Manager    
  • Production Artist    
  • Product Marketing Specialist    
  • Senior Copy Editor    
  • Senior Graphic Designer    
  • Production Artist    
  • Senior UI/Visual Designer    
  • Social Media Manager    
  • Demand Generation  

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This post was updated and reposted as of August 2022 to reflect the most current information on the project, Advent’s partnership with the organization, and examples of recent placements.  

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