4:44 AM

Alarm Clock: 4:44 AM

I’ve been waking up at exactly 4:44 AM for many nights now. I am typically blessed with good sleep, making it quite unusual for me to wake up in the night – and certainly not at exactly the same time each night. This unusual experience prompted me to Google the significance of the number combination of 444. What I discovered was an uplifting and comforting message (and I’m inclined to listen to something this persistent and clear).

Here’s what I learned.

Simply typing in the numbers 444 brings back the immediate result of “angel number”. According to my online search, seeing the combination of 444 on a recurring basis is a sign that angels are sending encouragement to continue to work hard and pursue your goals. Moreover, 444 “represents your rigorous goal-seeking nature. So, it also applauds you for your drive to do better in life.” This definitely resonates with me!

“Determination, endurance, and productivity are all words that describe the sense of seeing angel number 444. God, universal energy, and your guardian angels are aware that you have been steadily working towards your goals. Also, it acknowledges that you have been productive in all that you do.”

“Moreover, it is also reminding you to stay on the life path that you are on. Furthermore, 444 … stands for guidance to rely on the encouragement of your angels. Thereby, they tend to lead you towards your promising future.”

As I navigate these uncharted waters, I feel tossed about between faith and fear. This strong message reminds me to put faith over fear and not to lose hope. In the staffing business, we must be wildly resilient people, as there are daily challenges from which to pull ourselves up! We need optimism and hopefulness in order to succeed where others might fail. I find these qualities buoying me up during this crisis. And, when I feel like giving in to fear, I recall my 444 message: “Everything is going to be ok. I am watched over and I am on the right path.”

May it be so for you as well. Be gentle with yourself and others as we walk through this uncertain time. Don’t expect too much “productivity.” This time of crisis creates natural anxiety but try to focus on caring for and inspiring others as much as possible. If we do the next right thing, we will come out of this much stronger on the other side!