My Superhero Identity…

Frozone from The Incredibles is my chosen Superhero identity at Advent. And, I’ve decided to reveal my identity at this time for the greater good of all. 😉

I chose this character because I love his “can do” spirit and his capability for Cryokinesis (Frozone wields control over ice). He can generate ice from his fingertips, freeze bullets in midair, and stop the bad guys dead in their tracks. Pretty cool powers all on their own but I especially relate to Frozone’s ability to anticipate where his team needs to go and to create ice bridges to help them get there. In true superhero style, I also see it as my job as a small business owner to deflect oncoming business catastrophes and protect my team!

Frozone is funny and often unorganized, both of which I also identify strongly with. I look for humor and positivity in all challenges and I am so impressed with the way my team is handling this current crisis. Almost all of our team is working virtually now and continues to diligently care for our talent and clients, creatively solving problems as they arise. They’ve created a “daily zen” Slack channel where they are posting messages of joy, peace and wellness (and the occasional Tik Tok hamster video). They are also brainstorming and taking daily action to support our clients, talent and community in new ways through this time.

As an eternal optimist, I choose to view this experience as one that will bring all of us together in ways that we have needed for a long time. As a small business owner, I face uncertainty and a drop in our business due to the current crisis. However, my approach is to remain calm, positive and hopeful and to stay resilient in a time when it’s easy to panic.

I am encouraged by the many positive and hopeful messages from people who are focused on finding ways to help and uplift each other. And I’m proud that we’re doing our part at Advent to add our voices to those messages. We know that this crisis will end and there will be a renewed demand for products and services once it’s over. I believe that with the help of my amazing, superhero team here at Advent, we will make it through this time. ❤️

See you all on the other side!