How Advent Talent Helped This Organization Deliver on Their Brand Promise of Service Excellence

This HR Director and happy Advent client discusses below how Advent Talent Group helped her customer service team get back on track, enabling them to fulfill their brand promise.

1. What has made this partnership most successful?

This partnership has been successful because there was a real understanding of strengths the candidates needed to possess. ATG also found culture fits too. Making this a long-term relationship for the candidate and our company.

2. What direct, tangible results have you experienced through your partnership with ATG?

We were well behind in completing customer calls to full resolution. This was putting a major strain on the employees working in the area as well as two other segments of business that depend on this area. We thought we could staff up with one person to assist in taking on the pending calls, however, not only did ATG find one person, but two! We staffed up and have all the calls nearly under control.

3. What problems has ATG solved for your team?

Customer service is important to our business. Because these calls have been lingering for weeks, some months, we were not living up to our brand promise. By finding the right people to help us with this problem, ATG has helped us live up to our brand promise of excellent customer service.

4. What differentiates Advent Talent from other services?

ATG focuses on what is needed in a candidate to be successful at a business. They care and want to be a difference maker in the process. They are always accessible, listen and truly care.

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