Advent is Breaking Barriers with Avivo

This year, Advent has selected “Breaking Barriers” as our cornerstone initiative under our Advent Cares program. We created this initiative to assist individuals in our community who have experienced significant barriers to economic stability, wellness and success.

Advent has selected our long-term community partner, Avivo of Minneapolis, to carry out our initiative. Avivo provides a complete array of services that support the entire family unit – including housing, chemical, and mental health services, career education, employment services, and more.

We selected Avivo for two main reasons. First, we value their holistic approach to helping adults – and their families – overcome their barriers to achieve real and lasting success. Did you know that Avivo is the only residential addiction treatment program in Minnesota that accepts mothers AND their children ages 0-17? This makes all the difference for mothers fighting addiction and Avivo experiences better recovery rates as a result of allowing the family to recover together, and Advent fully supports

Secondly, Avivo offers robust employment services and career education opportunities, including eight industry-specific, career education, and technical training programs in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and St. Cloud. As a staffing agency, Advent is uniquely qualified to assist with employment services and career education.

We’ve decided to focus our efforts based on the strengths of our small but mighty team here at Advent! Some of the activities we’ve selected to participate in include purchasing and assembling job search kits for the Work Readiness Program, attending and donating to various fundraising events, leading mock interviews, resume workshops, and more! Stay tuned to see how Advent is working with Avivo to #BreakDownBarriers in Minneapolis over the next year!