Client Spotlight: Advent Talent is My First Call for Urgent and Challenging Staffing Needs

This Director of Human Resources for a major non-profit, and happy ATG client, shares her experience with ATG over the past five years of partnership.

Tell me about your experience with Advent Talent Group: 

I’ve had the privilege of working with Advent Talent Group for the last five years. When I encounter a challenging staffing situation and need resources immediately, or have a need for a very unique or strategic resource, my first thought is to call Advent. I consider them true business partners in achieving our goals and objectives. I would, and have, recommended them to anyone who needs a strong partner in meeting staffing needs.

What has made this partnership most successful? 

The personal attention from ATG staff. Associates work to get to know me and the needs of our business so they can work as efficiently and strategically as possible to support us in filling our needs. 

What direct and tangible results have you experienced through your partnership with ATG? 

Perhaps one wouldn’t think of the expression “they know me” as a tangible result of one’s experience with a staffing agency. But when I call in with a staffing need, the ATG staff I work with have come to understand the business needs of our organization, how important it is to find candidates looking to align with the mission of our organization, and how highly we value developing a strong workplace culture. The ATG professionals have been very diligent in seeking this understanding, fostering it, and sharing it with ATG associates so that my customer experience is consistent and continually demonstrates their commitment to our needs. 

What problems has ATG solved for your team?

In addition to filling temporary needs in human resources, accounting, and administration – if the best solution for the need might be to work through another resource or approach resourcing the gap from a different perspective, ATG associates are quick to advise innovative options and solutions. 

What differentiates Advent Talent Group from other services? 

ATG has met every need and every phone call with a positive, engaged response.  They help me think through alternatives and provide quick action.  The personable facet of their willing partnership has helped carry our organization through a number of challenging resourcing needs.


Looking for a true staffing partner? Let Advent show you what we can do for you:


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