Advent Co-Sponsors “Car Care Badge” Event in July for Girl Scouts Troop

Advent Group recently had the pleasure of sponsoring an event with Village Automotive Group and Dunwoody Institute, where several Girl Scouts earned their Car Care badge. This inspiring and educational event included hands-on instruction at Dunwoody Institute, as well as classroom training from Village Automotive Group staff and Advent Group Owner, Mary Younggren.

The troop was given an introduction to car maintenance at Dunwoody Institute, including essentials like changing oil and flat tires. Additional topics covered by Village Automotive Group staff included auto safety, preparing for roadside emergencies, and careers in the automotive industry – from repair and care, to customer service and sales.

Advent owner Mary Younggren talked about how staffing agencies can be used to jumpstart a career in a wide variety of industries, including the auto industry where we have helped many people get their start. She also provided valuable insight about job searching, resume writing, interview preparation, and more.

Advent Group is proud to have helped sponsor this event, where a fantastic group of girls were given a rare, hands-on opportunity to learn more about automotive care skills, and provided with first-hand information about careers in the automotive industry.

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