How to Focus on Your Job Search (When You’d Rather Do Something Else)

Featured Talent: Assembly, Manufacturing & Quality Control

This ATG candidate is experienced in assembly, manufacturing, and quality control.  She is hardworking, loyal to her employers, and enjoys being a leader for her team [...]

Mom Was Right About the Greener Grass

Turns out mom was right about the neighbor’s green grass (among other things). In honor of Mother's Day, we explore this oft forgotten "Mom-ism" and challenge you to improve your outlook, attitude and overall satisfaction by taking this lesson of mom's to heart. 

Featured Talent: Experienced, Results-Driven Recruiter

This ATG Candidate loves the fast pace of recruiting. Her experience has her interfacing with all levels of individuals from certified nursing assistants and retail associates to executive leadership [...]

Featured Talent: Customer Service / Call Center Associate

This ATG candidate is a customer service guru who works well under pressure and listens to exactly what customers want, to best meet their needs [...]



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